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Course name: An Introduction to Classic World Literature
Course Description:   This course aims to give a systemic introduction and interpretation of classic texts of world literature, which represent universal human values and cultural diversity, including ancient Greek epics, the Old Testament, and English, French, German and Russian classic literary works...more>>
Speaker Teacher:
Domain of Research:

Of comparative literature and world literature

Western literary criticism

Culture research

World literature

Representative work

Criticism vision(monographs),Shanghai academy of social science press ,In 2004

Anthropology poetics(monographs),Zhejiang wenyi press, In 1998

Post-colonial travel and cultural identity, Foreign literature review, In 2005

The 20th century homeless exile in literature, MUSES were discussed, Foreign literature review, In 2003

Multicultural hybrid era national memory problems, Foreign literature review, In 2002……

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