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Course name: China's civil society construction
Course Description:   This course focuses on the development of civil society and the process of social construction in China from 1978. The contents include a) the concepts and meanings of civil society and social construction as well as their relative theories; b) relationships among civil society, social construction and...详细>>
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Civil society groups

Local government management and innovation
Representative work

“Marxism era ", national theory and Oriental publishing center, in 2007
The Chinese citizens who grow up in participation in social: based on the research of zhejiang wenzhou chamber of commerce, zhejiang university press, 2008
The chamber of commerce and local government ", the economic science press, 2006
"In between the government and enterprises", zhejiang people's publishing house, 2004
"Globalization: a critical review", zhejiang university press, 2003
"The theory of marxism era of globalization", Chinese journal of state theory of social science, no. 2, 2007...

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